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Samsara Muscle Balm


More often than not (and far more frequently than people think) the cause of your horse's lameness or drop in performance can be found in the soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) and not in the skeleton which is where most people first look. An excellent product which can be used pre-training or competition to keep the muscles/tendons/ligaments supple or in good condition or after exercise in order to assist the recovery. The balm gets deep into the tissues and stimulates blood supply to the affected areas and inhibits inflammation. It will only show affects where there is a problem. This product is key to our treatment/rehabilitation process without which we would not have the results which we do. Can be diluted in warm water, for example if you have a Horse Gym exercise machine with a water trough built in. The balm is reactivated by spraying the treated areas with warm water (ca. 40 degrees celsius).

Instructions for use

Massage into areas to be treated being careful of open wounds or other sensitive areas such as the genitalia, eyes etc. Dilute 1 to 1 with water for animals with sensitive skin. Use liberally once to twice daily for several days if treating muscular problems. Massage into required areas prior to heavy exercise or competition.


Arnica, comfrey, mustard, paprika, camphor



Samsara Muscle Balm
£ 50.00


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