Our Philosophy

The horse is an animal with a soul like all animals and thus at the very least deserves our respect and love for locking him up for most of his life.  Our basis is quality in everything.  If you have a solid foundation, as with most things, what follows becomes a lot easier.  Our approach can be summarised as follows:

Whenever we work with a horse for the first time we always check everything out (see our 9 point plan for more details).  We endeavour to ensure that as far as possible the horse is in optimum condition to prevent a problem occurring in the first place.  Nutrition is 80% of the battle in our experience, yes, 80%.  Make sure the whole nutrition system is working well and you have gone a long way towards your goal of a happy, well balanced horse because of course nutrition is not just physical it has a strong psychological influence.  We always focus on what is best for the horse first and then the owner.  We have long term aims for all our horses but all the time we are working with them, from the moment we get them from their stable or field we are listening and feeling what the horse is telling us and responding appropriately.
Our mission is to save as many horses from the dreaded PTS as possible. In so many cases it is not necessary if only people could become aware that muscles and not bones are the source of many locomotion issues horses experience. We are of course a business but if you have genuine financial concerns please do not let this put you off. We can usually work something out such as a long term payment plan, part ownership (usually only where a horse has potential significant value) and any option you care to suggest to us we will consider carefully.