Muscle Therapy Process - Step 3:Re-training

Step 3- Re-training

This step is by no means as simple as it sounds. The muscles after the therapy are particularly sensitive and also psychologically the horse has been living with the pain he had usually for quite a while so there is a physical battle but also a mental battle to be won. We use the Horse Gym 2000 treadmill for much of the initial light training. Unlike a walker it is straight so the body gets even pressure on both sides. It will work up to a speed of 45km/hr so is excellent for much of the fundamental re-training. Our training is of course then customised for each horse and each situation using the manege, rides out, pessoa, long-reining and all of the usual techniques. If it is a high performance sport horse then it is also important that it can perform under load which means for example for a showjumper being able to jump a round of fences with no unusual after-effect. This part of the process is often the longest and can take many months if the horse had severe problems. Once you have him fit again, the trick is then to keep him there. See Step 4.