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Frankie's Blog


Cider vinegar. Wonderful stuff. My Mother used it for everything from cooking to curing our dog of fox mange. I'm now spraying Frankie's feet with it twice daily and it's done wonders for his thrush at a fraction of the cost of the other stuff I used AND is GOOD for the frogs even if there hadn't been any problem. Dilute 2 parts to 1 of water .

Horrid weather, sand school frozen and lane patched with black ice. Very little work possible. Everything feels on hold....


Mud ..........There's only one thing worse than mud, and thats .... MORE mud. I got Frankie out of the field last week to find that his right hind quarters were entirely covered in wet mud. "That looked ominous " I thought , and as I walked him to the yard I noticed that he seemed a bit stiff, and hind legs looked a tad swollen. One of those moments where you want to believe you're imagining it when you know you're not (rather like the time I saw a ghost in my house, but that's another story ! ) As I was inspecting him more closely, a fellow owner came over and told me that she had been putting her horse in the field a few minutes previously when a dog had appeared from nowhere and spooked one of the horses who then set everyone off. Apparently Frankie was leading the herd in a gallop when he suddenly swerved, slipped on the mud, and fell over hugely and dramatically. She said he got up straight away and continued on as before, and when they all calmed down she watched closely to see if he was lame. Luckily no, but obviously something was going to show itself. By lucky chance I had already made an appointment with his chiropractor for a routine check up, and she was due in 2 days time. I gave him arnica, hosed down his legs with cold water and put extra straw in his bed.
Well a lot of pain was showing, and he wasn't moving happily, so was treated for an acute problem and told to rest for 3 days. She worked wonders. Frankie is as right as rain...which is a funny expression bearing in mind that it was a great deal of rain which caused the mud in the first place!


Get a good team. This is one of the Viking principles, and I am taking great notice of it. Frankie has been back for a few weeks now, and my "team" is in place! Stephen, of course, who is always at the end of a phone when I need, (and has even paid us a visit) my barefoot specialist, who is overseeing his transition from shoes to barefoot, a McTimoney chiropractor, an Equine acupuncturist and a wonderful rider to school and hack him on the days I cant get to the yard. It's a good start anyway !!

It's been a really good few weeks. He has settled into the herd well and is holding his own as a sort of middle to upper member. I love taking a cup of hot chocolate down to the field and just observing them from a distance . It's a wonderfully easy way to spend an hour learning and relaxing at the same time. To my surprise I've actually helped a couple of people at the yard deal with horse issues to do with manners. They couldn't believe their eyes when a horse who normally drags them down to the field was walking like a lamb beside me . "Make them move their feet" is a great principle to remember, one of a handful that I learned this summer that makes life with a horse SO much easier, and very often SAFER too.


I was at the yard preparing for Frankie`s arrival 20 mins after receiving the text "all loaded and on way" even though I knew I had 4 and a half hours to wait! Extremely excited, but slightly nervous also,  to welcome back my beautiful horse from his rehab at Samsara. It had been 5 months, during which time I had seen him every 2 weeks on average, and ridden him a lot towards the end of his stay ( staying in a B and B for a few days at a time ). He had looked more amazing every time I saw him, wonderful coat, superbly developing top line, great muscle tone, bright eyes, healthy hooves, relaxed and happy in himself. . . and able to be ridden!! 

Another text, "10 mins away", I waited at the gate with some friends from the yard for the box to come up the winding lane. Everyone was waiting to see again, the horse  who had been the subject of such mystery and problems since I had bought him a year before. Horse box open, ramp down, Frankie had travelled really well and looked as cool as a cucumber. The first thing he did was to look over to his previous field and call!

Lots of really lovely comments about how he looked. Everyone agreed that he seemed bigger, more mature, and stunningly healthy. I put him in the school to stretch his legs and have a roll or two. Lots to do during the next week. He was going to be turned out in another field, less undulating than his previous one, so introducing him to his new herd over the next few days was priority.  Over to me now. . . . everything I had learned from Stephen during the last few months was about to become invaluable.

Samsara Equitation Equine Rehab Centre - nr. Whitney-on-Wye, HerefordSamsara Equitation Equine Rehab Centre - nr. Whitney-on-Wye, Hereford


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