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Steel's Blog

Steel back at home

Steel was hard to settle last week (what with the weather and all).  He knew he was home and wanted to take charge but I would not let him.

Riding out a couple of times was difficult, he wanted to rush and do his own thing.  I have been taking him out every day.

Start of week 2.

Well the weather not been good again.   Had to lunge him in the School yesterday because of the weather.  Well, he went loopy on the lunge with me.  He didn’t want to work so decided it would be more fun to get down and roll (I soon made him stop that).  Then he thought he would take charge and do it his way (straight into flat out canter, bucking and kicking).  There wasn’t a lot I could do at first, had to let him get it out of his system.  Then, he turned to me as if to say o.k. I will work now.  He was then as responsive and good as gold, working him slowly in trot and only cantering a few times (nicely).  Giving him instructions of transitions from Trot to Walk, Walk to Trot and long walks.  In the end I was very pleased with how he went.  I had to learn that he is now very responsive and when I open my arms & keep them open, he goes away well and trots well.  If I close my arms it signals to slow down or come in.  Very impressed.  I think we understand each other now.

Today.  Took Steel for a good Walk and Trot out.  He was very willing and responsive to the legs and reins.  I practiced a new riding position and this went well.  Unfortunatly, I could not take him out for too long, again because of the weather & hailstones.

Tomorrow, I will be taking him on a long Forest Ride.  I will be loading him there so I will let you know how he loads.

A couple of days ago, I tried him in a friends trailer in the yard.  At first, he would not go in but suddenly a builder appeared around the corner and just hearing a man behind him (not doing anything) he walked straight in.

Samsara Equitation Equine Rehab Centre - nr. Whitney-on-Wye, HerefordSamsara Equitation Equine Rehab Centre - nr. Whitney-on-Wye, Hereford


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