My Horse was classed as dangerous

CS's horse had not even been ridden as a 5 year-old so to be told that even before starting she should be put on the scrap heap was devastating especially since she had such high hopes for a top bred horse. Read (and see her story):

"My horse was condemned 18 months ago as dangerous and never to be ridden again. Kissing Spines was the diagnosis. I felt in my heart that there was something to be done but it was only when I came across Samsara who said they could help that my hopes rose. Now, 3 months on, I have ridden her myself and my dream is once again alive. Thanks for everything. I would highly recommend Samsara to anyone who is having problems with their horse." CS, Cannes, February 2012

Click here to view the video of CS riding her horse for the first time.
And here is an update:
"I was just emailing to tell you that I am so proud of her because 2 months ago she became an Elite KWPN mare.  The jury comments were very good too, After becoming pregnant (hooray!), she went for training late last year (2012) where she was in a stable together with a pony and everything went very well, The trainer was amazing with her. She also said it is a horse with a lot of potential but a special character: not a horse for everyone. She prepared her for the IBOP and the rider  who rode her during the test, was also amazed how quickly she had been prepared for the test. I had the PROK x-rays redone and they were all OK, so now she has achieved all the ratings that a KWPN mare can have at her age and is a pregnant Elite mare, all that I wanted! But the most important thing is that she came back home again a month ago and she is doing fine and I think she is happy. If everything goes well she will have a foal mid May. After all that in October I will start to ride her myself with help from a trainer. I've never had any indications that she has any pain in her back so I think her spine doesn't hurt her and I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work."