14 year old ex-racehorse with KS going much better

"My horse has always been a difficult and unpredictable horse to train and ride.  A year ago he was diagnosed with severe kissing spines.  I was distraught and unwilling to put him through surgery at his age (fourteen), and with his temperament.  When I found Samsara’s website I was unconvinced but I am very happy that I took the time to meet with Stephen and hear his philosophies.  Six weeks later Flame was on his way to Wales for three months.  Nearly a full year later Flame is much more pleasurable to ride, easier to train, definitely much happier , and my vet has admitted “that they did a very good job”!  Even better his recent x-rays show no further degeneration of the kissing spines, and after a recent examination my vet is very pleased with Flame’s physical health and fitness and the lack of back pain ... I owe this all to Stephen!" SH, London