Mud Fever

Mud fever (also known as ˜heel dermatitis", "greasy heel" and "cracked heels") is a common enough problem with horses particularly those residing in damp wet countries such as the UK. The solution is firstly to take the horse out of the field. Now clip the hair off the lower legs and wash down the offending leg or legs with soap and hot water. Then dry the infected areas carefully by dabbing with a dry, clean towel or cloth. Then apply Samsara Disinfectant diluted 1:1 for severe cases or 3:1 for less severe cases. Leave this to have its effect for 2 days then wash down again and dry and re-apply Samsara Disinfectant in the early stages until the infection is under control (i.e. any smell from teh scabs has gone, any high temperature has normalised and the swelling has subsided substantially). From time to time, instead of Samsara Disinfectant prepare the leg in the same way but apply Samsara Pommade to the infected area which is also slightly disinfecting but also helps to soften the scabs formed by the infection. The condition can take anything from a couple of weeks to many months to cure. In very severe cases use a dilution of soda crystals (Note: NOT CAUSTIC SODA!!) in warm water to bathe the leg for the first few days. Use about 2 dessert spoons in half a bucket of warm water and soak the leg in it for about 15 minutes. This will also help to soften scabs and deep clean the whole wound area.



Mud Fever Before



Mud Fever After