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Infectious inflammation of the mucous membranes in the gullet. Call vet urgently in acute cases where there is fever.

In chronic cases with no fever keep the normal daily routine. Purulent fluid from the nose. Glands in the throat are swollen (about as long as a finger, thick hard lumps on the lower jaw, which can be felt from the outside.

“Vorarlberg Pferedepulver” is very effective for this. 1 to 2 tablespoons with each meal.

In persistent cases, put a solution of chamomile and eucalyptus oil, and a few tablespoons of chamomile flowers into boiling water. Put a sack over the head of the horse hanging over a bucket so the horse can breathe it in. Is best prevented by regular does of Biroca-406 Ursonne.


Samsara Equitation Equine Rehab Centre - nr. Whitney-on-Wye, HerefordSamsara Equitation Equine Rehab Centre - nr. Whitney-on-Wye, Hereford


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