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Work on the head is vital. If the head's not right nothing else will be. Everything you do with your horse affects its head including food but specifically we believe in allowing the horse to be a horse as much as possible within the confines of the environment we keep them in. The horse must know where it stands with us. It wants leadership and it wants to be able to trust you 100%. It doesn't like uncertainty. If it senses doubt it will take the lead itself. We always distinguish clearly between work and play and when the horse is working it is important for both human and horse that it is 100% concentrated so no talking on mobile phones or what you are going to make for dinner that evening!  We let our horses have as much contact with other horses as possible. whilst also ensuring that they are happy to be on their own with us. All horses are given the opportunity even the sport horses who we keep in stables most of the year to protect them from injuring themselves in the field.  For our young horses we make sure they have contact with other foals and young horses as well as getting experience in herds if possible. In this way they can learn what it is to be a horse from other horses. We let stallions smell mares and mate as naturally as possible when the opportunity arises and we let them run out in the meadows as much as possible. Of course not everyone has access to more than one horse but if you had to do one thing differently it would be to give your horse more contact with other horses. Other animals might be a help just like cats can be a help to a human but it is not the same as a companion of the same species.

Samsara Equitation Equine Rehab Centre - nr. Whitney-on-Wye, HerefordSamsara Equitation Equine Rehab Centre - nr. Whitney-on-Wye, Hereford


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