Muscles & Skeleton

With good nutrition you should see relatively few problems with bones unless caused by poor training or accidents. Tendons, ligaments and particularly muscles can however be very easily strained just like with humans but it is very rare that problems with muscles are diagnosed as the cause of the problem. There are very few effective treatments for deep muscle problems and this is an area we specialise in and have had a lot of success with horses of all levels. Of course it depends on what your horse needs to do. If you just ride for pleasure in the woods every now and then then the horse can put up with a lot more strained muscles than a horse which needs to jump 15 1.50m fences every couple of weeks. In this case the horse needs to be in top condition. Of course you can use painkillers as a quick relief but, depending on the character of the horse it will at some point stop altogether as the strain on its body becomes intolerable.  Often when painkillers are used too often the horse ends up tearing other tendons or ligaments or breaking bones because other parts of the body are being put under unnecessary strain as the body tries to compensate for the original soft-tissue injury.