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Welcome to Samsara Equitation Equine Rehab Centre


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  • 9 point plan

    We are in danger in this section of teaching Granny to suck eggs but I am constantly surprised how many people do not follow the simple basics. Get these right and you really have dealt with most issues before they even arise. And that is our aim with our horses, i.e. to prevent problems in the first place.

  • Common Problems

    Listed below are some of the most common problems experienced by horses which are easily treated using our natural products and methods. Please email us if you have similar problems and are still not getting the results you expect.

  • MuscleTherapy Process

    The first thing to say is that we will first assess your whole horse and that only at the end of that process might we recommend our therapy. It is possible that other factors need to be dealt with first like nutrition, the saddle, shoeing etc or that they are the sole cause of the problems your horse is experiencing. When you bring your horse to us for treating we realise that you are placing a huge amount of trust in us. We aim not to abuse that trust. The well-being of the horse is paramount. It is important that the process first works for the horse, then for you the owner and then for us as the experts in this process.  Once we have established that this option will work for your horse the following steps provide a general overview of how you might expect the process to proceed in general but please be aware that every horse is different and every situation is different. (Please note for experts, that the 'Oil' is not technically an oil but a combination of various plant extracts - we use the term 'oil' as for most lay-people it describes well enough what it is without going into the specific chemistry of the extraction process.) If you have any questions or comments at all about the process or to arrange a diagnosis, please call us on +44 1497 851764. Have a look at this VIDEO of a horse which has been through our process:

  • Services

    We are a small yard specialising in the re-training and rehabilitation of horses who can no longer work or who are not performing to their known level especially if they have been diagnosed with Kissing Spines (See Big C case study). All stables contain fresh buckets of water daily so it is possible to see how much a horse is drinking, fresh hay, specialist total ration feed (mixed concentrate and forage) and a specialist herbal supplement. All horses are bedded on fresh straw as they like to eat this too. We have an indoor (25m x 16m) and outdoor arena (45m x 25m) and plenty of hacking out, mostly on private ground, for variety. The stables are on a busy farm so horses get used to all sorts of noises and traffic of various sorts as well as sheep, goats and cattle. We deliberately do not keep strict routines as we believe it is good for horses not to get into strict routines and as a result we also regularly move horses around in the stables. Our stables vary in size from 5m x 3.5m to 4m x 3m but all are well lit and ventilated and face inwards towards the yard so all horses can see each other. We have a large washroom with warm water, tack room, feed room and small paddocks for turnout close to the stables.

    Please find below a list of the services we provide:

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    A selection of articles about or referring to Samsara.

Samsara Equitation Equine Rehab Centre - nr. Whitney-on-Wye, HerefordSamsara Equitation Equine Rehab Centre - nr. Whitney-on-Wye, Hereford


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Ride with your seat is the apogee of ridden horsemanship we are told and I agree. What better feeling than developing the sensitivity of your horse to respond to the... Read more

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